1. So I just got into it with my Mom. I read her an article clearly against Trump, from a magazine my ultra-conservative dad subscribes to, trying to show her conservative reasons not to vote Trump.
  2. I made the mistake of dragging Fox at the same time.
    You'd think I stabbed her in the chest.
  3. She argued "I want you to know I listen to Fox because they report what I believe and the way I think!"
    Um yes, that's the problem.
  4. I told her how much they lie and distort and misrepresent. She said "they all do that."
    No, not like Fox does.
  5. I give up. She thinks in black and white and anybody with a -R beside their name is golden.
    I tried to tell her how much the GOP has changed and deteriorated. Again, you'd think I stabbed her.
  6. I don't know who my family is anymore. Their heads are in the sand. I'm going to leave them there and forge on alone.