Cooking and Marketing, 1920s Style

So I found this old cookbook yesterday in some of my aunt's things. It had been my great-grandmother's and it appears to be from the 1920s. Come along for a look!
  1. Cover
    All products are from the F. W. McNess company. They had a LOT of items to pick from, as you'll see. Seems they did door-to-door, or at least person-to-person, like Tupperware or Avon.
  2. See? LOTS.
    And this is just the cooking products.
  3. Under "Meats," but it's a vegetarian recipe.
    Very forward-thinking!
  4. Spinach & Beets - very colorful dish!
  5. Brushes!
    Hat & skirt brushes, veggie brushes, clothes brush, even a manicure brush (whatever that is).
  6. Not to mention a milk can brush!
  7. Cakes and toothpaste on the same page!
    In the pre-fluoride days.
  8. So. Many. Liniments. (And tonics!)
  9. Let's not forget the menfolk!
  10. Or the chickens!
  11. LOL Chick Diseases.
    Suffering chickens aren't funny, just the juxtaposition of "little fellows" and "chicks"....never mind...
  12. This is the terrifying part.
    Regularity was VERY important back then.
  13. Although the explanations were quite sexist, imho.
    I mean, really!
  14. Here's their advice for colds.
    I can't imagine the pain of jamming Vaporole INTO your nostril! 😱
  15. In summary, here is the ethereal beauty on the back cover.
    She uses McNess's Rejois skincare line, don'tcha know!