We ate a lot of fruit. Some familiar, some completely new to us. All delicious!
  1. Marmon Chine
    The strangest. You split the hairy-strawberry outside and eat the squishy inside while avoiding the big pit inside. Yummy!
  2. Cas
    Sour as hell by itself, but it makes the best lemonade-like drink.
  3. Pejibaye
    Looked like a giant acorn, has to be cooked first, tasted like a mix of sweet potato and boiled peanuts. So good!
  4. Carambola
    aka Starfruit. Sweet and yummy.
  5. Uchua
    My favorite. You peel back the papery leaves and pop the whole tart, tangy berry in your mouth.
  6. Apple bananas
    So tiny and soft and slightly sweeter than regular bananas. Perfect size!
  7. More common fruits we had:
    Pineapples, mangoes, guava, papaya, bananas. Everything tasted a million times fresher and better in CR, compared to in the US.