My first-ever visit to a country outside the US!
  1. We got off the ship on a drizzly, cool day.
    My gang to the right, random stranger on the left.
  2. We poked around a tourist shopping village here while waiting to leave for cave tubing.
  3. Turns out you really can buy prescription drugs OTC here.
    Still kicking myself for not getting any. Too chicken.
  4. We rode through town and it was fascinating to see their way of life.
  5. The fence around the YWCA was gorgeous!
  6. Aquarius restaurant
    Fried chicken and shrimp, chop suey, chow mein.
  7. Lush tropical vegetation!
  8. I couldn't take my camera on the actual trip, so here are some stock photos:
  9. We hiked about a mile to the river.
    The guides taught us SO MUCH about the traditional medicines, tree barks, etc. I got bit by something that I really hope wasn't a Zika skeeter.
  10. We were tethered together for safety.
    Made things slower, but it was s pleasant ride.
  11. Seriously, gorgeous scenery!
    And I only got mysterious cave juice dropped into my eyeball once. 👀
  12. After the hike, we had lunch (chicken, rice & beans, coleslaw), then went back to the village.
  13. We got our drink on, then went back to the ship.
    That's my dorky brother wearing a Cozumel shirt in Belize. 🙄
  14. EDIT: I totally forgot they took pics of us. (Forgive the watermark. And the blinding whiteness of my skin.)