Last stop! And my favorite.
  1. We opted for a "Cozumel By Land & Sea" excursion.
  2. First stop was the "Sea" portion.
    We got on a submersible boat that took us four feet underwater for a tour of the reefs.
  3. The bottom of the boat had blue light and windows all around.
    It felt like we were in an aquarium.
  4. The scenery was spectacular.
  5. So many fish!
  6. Fish...
  7. Fish...
  8. And more fish!
  9. Then it was time for "Land" portion.
  10. This room smelled SO DAMN GOOD.
    And we learned a lot about traditional chocolate making, trade, barter, etc. (Dat aroma tho...😍)
  11. Then we got to taste chocolate and watch it being made.
    Fascinating. Lots of crushing, grinding, pouring, aerating. Then...NOM.
  12. Then we went back on the bus to a different part of town for shopping and the next tour.
  13. We learned how Tequila is made, and saw the equipment used in this organic production.
  14. Then it was tasting time. Oh my word.
  15. My favorites were the flavored ones, cause I'm not much of a drinker.
    Guanabana (aka soursop) was delicious, but the Crema de Cafe was unbelievable. The guide said if you put some in your coffee each morning, you'll have a great day and love your job! 😂
  16. We spent the rest of the visit checking out a Mayan ruin and a Catholic chapel.
    Oh, and meeting a local "warrior!"
  17. Then it was back to the boat to begin the journey home. We had a BLAST at all the stops!