Hoo boy, heading down memory lane!
  1. GOOD: Taking charge of my health
    Years of having a low view of myself meant I didn't push my doctors for action or ask for more help. I now take meds that help me stay healthy, not be scared of life and be more myself. It hasn't been easy but it's worth the journey.
  2. BAD: Letting my parents control me for way too long
    I should've left home after high school and gone away for school. I let them take away the private college I had enrolled at and make me go to a cheap community school. I wish I'd been stronger then and taken care of myself. I often wonder what kind of life I'd have now. (There are other things I should've stood up to them for, but such is life.)
  3. GOOD: My Prius
    It's an older car (2004) but I love the smooth ride, the roominess and the 42+MPG!!
  4. BAD: My house
    I bought a house right before the real estate crash of 2008. Like a few months before. I still have it and rent it to friends, but I won't even clear what I still owe on it if/when I sell it.
  5. BEST: List App!
    I celebrate the day in mid-October when I heard about this app (maybe on BJ's Twitter?) and downloaded it. I love all you people, and the little community/huge family we have here!