Even when it's your cat that's suffering.
  1. This is Piglet.
  2. I've raised her from babyhood, and she's 14 now.
  3. Monday morning I found her in the closet, where she'd hidden from a storm the night before.
  4. She was confused, stuck, lost. She didn't recognize me or the other kitties, or know where anything was.
  5. The vet say she's perfectly healthy, in great shape for her age, just exhibiting some sort of neurological damage. Dementia, mini-strokes, were not sure what.
  6. I'm keeping her comfy, making things easy for her, enjoying her company and getting to know her "new" personality.
  7. If you have older pets, hold them close, love them, watch out for little behavioral changes.
    Piglet gradually stopped doing a lot of her favorite things, slept in one place more often, didn't come to her usual place for food at the right times. I missed a few clues, looking back.
  8. She's fine, I'm fine, we just have a new normal to adjust to. Life goes on!