I made a desk! Ok, fine, I put a prefab desk together. Still, it was fun and satisfying and empowering.
  1. Behold, the box.
    It was $39.99, minus a 15% discount. (Ollie's is awesome). Weighed around 50 lbs., so I know this sumbitch is sturdy!
  2. I opened it up, and my supervisor Romeo inspected the pieces.
    He said it was good to go.
  3. Here's a tip I thought of:
    I stuck all the nails and screws in a piece of the packing styrofoam. Now I won't lose them, and they're easier to count.
  4. Assistant Supervisor Max checked in mid-process.
    Said I was doing fine, then took a nap in my sock basket.
  5. See? It almost looks like a desk already!
  6. Et Voila! The finished product.
    That was fun, and I did it all myself with my own tools 💁🏼. My tennis elbow hurts like a mofo, though. Think I'll take some Advil and call it a night. 😴