😊 I love any chance to talk about my kittehs!
    She's the oldest. I've had her since she was a wee baby and she's 14 now.
  2. She's pretty shy, but has come out of her shell since moving to our new place.
    She doesn't mind strangers, she's used to the dogs, she's pretty chill, but she HATES Romeo. More on him later.
  3. She loves cream cheese, stinky shoes, head scratches and to sit on my lap in front of the fake fireplace.
  4. MAX
    Max is 2 and a half. I got him when he was a wee baby, too. He is a cat of adventure, and loves to play outside. He also has a nubbin of a tail. He was born that way, and wags it like a dog. It's adorable!
  5. He keeps a careful watch over us.
    We have lots of wildlife here and he runs constantly from window to window.
  6. He's totally a snuggle bunny. He sleeps next to me most nights and lays on my pillow when I'm gone.
  7. ROMEO
    Romeo is the newest addition. He started hanging around last summer, and wouldn't leave despite my best efforts to chase him off. He's family now!
  8. He is a funny little fellow.
    He finds the weirdest positions to sleep in. He plays hard with Max, and wants to be Piglet's friend so bad. He sits near her and tries to make contact but she just screams and swats and hisses.
  9. He also makes crazy faces and does not mind belly rubs in the least.
    His ear is missing the tip because he was a stray (I thought) when I paid to have him neutered.
  10. There you have it! My three babies!