Oh this could be a long list! 😹
    I love the pic I posted yesterday of her huffing my stinky sandal. She also loves (like catnip-level LOVE) the smell of bleach and strawberries. Not to eat, just smell.
  2. MAX
    My favorite Max memory happened when he was a young kitten. He got stuck up a tree and I was underneath, trying to coax him down. He turned himself around. I thought he was climbing down. NOPE. Turds started raining from the sky. He was pooping!! I jumped out of the way before getting hit. 💩
    They are forever wrestling, chasing and playing. It's all in fun, but sometimes it goes too far and they argue. This pic of Max in fight mode cracks me up. You can see how short his tail is, too.
  4. ROMEO
    His most recent pic w/ his tongue out is my favorite.
  5. ROMEO
    My favorite thing about Romeo is how protective he is. Every time I shave my legs with my electric razor he runs in to protect me and tries to bat it out of my hand. He's very worried about it! 😼