Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

I am so grateful for all of you, for this beautiful community, for family, for food. Lots and lots of food. We had our family dinner tonight, right before the big SC rivalry, Clemson Tigers vs. USC Gamecocks.
  1. My mom and I cooked. I made crock-pot mac & cheese.
    I may have strained the noodles a little too long. They turned out fine.
  2. Then I made green bean casserole and sweet potato casserole with brown-sugar/pecan topping, and another with marshmallows.
    We also had pineapple-cheese casserole, broccoli, mashed potatoes & gravy, smoked turkey, ham and dressing.
  3. My nephew REALLY enjoyed his turkey leg!
  4. Then we gathered before the TV for the big game.
  5. I wore the new Gamecocks scarf I got for my birthday.
    It cracks me up having COCKS all over the design. "Gamecocks," sure, but when the fabric lines up right...😱😂
  6. Bonus picture of Rudy the Schnoodle
  7. Bonus bonus picture of Max with my niece.
  8. Happy Thanksgiving y'all!