Hilton Head Island, 12/30/16

Cool and windy, but beautiful as ever!
  1. What a gorgeous day
  2. Sasquatch?
  3. Nope, a seagull.
    Fun fact: a little boy near me was chasing them, yelling "Daddy, I'm catching eagles!"
  4. Sasquatch?
  5. Nope, a sandlapper.
    They look like baby gulls, to me. So cute!
  6. Sasquatch?
    Nope, a doggie too quick for me to get a pic of.
  7. This looks like fun!
    Whether you're the front or the back. "Wheeee! Faster, faster!"
  8. This kite never got too high, but it made super-cool designs.
  9. I love the shapes made by the waves and wind in the tidal pool.
  10. Where the river meets the sea.
    Tidal pool, river, same thing.
  11. Do not feed the seagulls!
    You feed one, you get surrounded REAL quick.
  12. Gulls taking a dip in the water
    Probably washing off crumbs from the snack ambush earlier.