1. So yesterday two dogs wandered through our parking lot at work.
    Not all that unusual. We're near some housing developments, lower-income housing, etc.
  2. Our receptionist was able to get her hands on one and took it home. The other ran away.
    Cute little terrier of some sort. Dirty, matted hair, but housebroken and GREAT with her tiny kids.
  3. Today, the other dog came back and hung around all day, looking around, all forlorn.
    So sad.
  4. He came near me when I drove up, and stopped and looked at me a few times when I talked to him.
  5. A few other coworkers had close encounters with him, but he's so skittish he ran if they started towards him.
  6. I'm going to try again tomorrow, but any advice y'all have would be VERY WELCOME!
  7. Isn't he sweet? 😍
    He's just so shy. 😕
  8. Update #1
    He's coming closer to us. He's eating. My aunt is more than happy to take him in and socialize him. I'm going to try again to make friends, after work when everyone's gone. Wish me luck!
  9. UPDATE #2: He has been gotten! Here he is chillin' under my desk. 😍
  10. UPDATE #3: He's headed to my aunt's house so she can socialize him and spoil him and love him to pieces (and go to the SPCA to get fixed/scanned for a microchip).
    Thanks for the help and advice, folks!
  11. Update: He is doing so well!
    Spoiled rotten, relaxing in front of the "fireplace!"