I'm running registration & timekeeping for a conference. They switch sessions on a tight schedule, so I have to blow a literal whistle every 20 minutes to let them know when to switch.
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    Anyone stand out in the crowd?
    Is it business casual or suits?
    Suggested by @angela3950
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    @angela3950 Lots of khakis, company-logo polos, casual shoes. Business casual!
    There is one middle-aged guy who marches to his own beat with a long bob hairstyle. Like Peter Pan or something. 🤔
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    Are they making eye contact with you or pretending you're not there?
    Suggested by @hillary79
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    @hillary79 I know most of them, so lots of eye contact, chitchat, several sat with me at lunch.
    I work with half of them, the rest are mfg reps I see a few times a year.
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    Not that you're looking or anything...but is there someone who you wouldn't mind him asking you out for coffee? ☕️
    First things first, right? Probably all married.
    Suggested by @angela3950
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    @angela3950 Quite a few are cute and coffee-worthy, but they all seemed to be married and/or wearing a ring. 😕
    Or they were showing off gradbaby pics on their iPhones. 😂
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    @angela3950 One of the guys I chatted with yesterday is single and I didn't know it (broke up with his girlfriend last month). He called me last night abt work stuff and we ended up talking almost 2hrs abt other things and I'm so confused, but kinda cool cause he's a really great guy...😏
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    Do you have a collection of whistles for such occasions? Do you have a favorite whistle?
    Suggested by @wordytime
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    @wordytime No, this was specially selected by our Sales Manager for today's meeting. It was a cheap plastic piece of crap.
    Every time I blew it the guys would pick on me. I hated it! ☺️
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    If a woman says something in a room of twenty-one men, does she make a sound?
    Suggested by @Gola
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    🤔Gonna go with NO. Unless she's blowing a cheap plastic whistle, of course!