Inspired by @angela3950
  1. July 2017
  2. A word
    Hope is the thing with feathers. And it's my last name, so it's fun finding keepsakes!
  3. Something You Don't Like
    Getting stuck driving Dad's ancient pickup to church when Mom needed my car. Big Red handles with the grace and precision of a stubborn ox, and has no A/C.
  4. Something Old
    My grandmother's antique dresser, which she handed down to me. There's a mirror that goes with it, but I'm not using it at the moment. Her parents ordered it and they all picked it up at the train station. She was born in 1921, so I'm guessing this piece is late 20s/early 30s. In other words, OLD!
  5. Patriotic
    Small-town pride at its finest! This is the entrance to a local neighborhood.
  6. Front Door
    Here's Max trying his best to open said door. I imagine he's thinking, "Damn my lack of opposable thumbs!" 😼
  7. Love is...
    ....occasionally spelled Loev when your best bud/4yo nephew writes it all by himself! 😍
  8. Quiet
    Rudy sleeping on the lap of a guest at the college-night bible study we hosted tonight. Out like a light!
  9. Upside Down
    Romeo, gettin' the job done by demonstrating today's concept. 😻
  10. Feet
    Loafer game on point today! 😁👣💛
  11. Key
    Meal prep is KEY to me staying on track, diet-wise. Romeo is inspecting my work. (See, @barefootmeds my kitty does it too! 😂)
  12. Fruit
    Bariatric-style, tiny portion for a snack. Or dessert. 😋
  13. Close-Up
    Zoomed in on a peace lily in my office. ✌🏻☮️😎
  14. Looking Down
    The warehouse at work, as seen from the second floor.
  15. Shadow
    No filter - just my overhead lights bouncing off the ceiling fan and making artsy shadows!
  16. Bag
    Did you know reusable grocery bags make great kitty sleeping bags?
  17. Rock
    "On Christ, the solid rock I stand; all other ground is sinking sand, all other ground is sinking sand." Seemed fitting for a Sunday morning!
  18. You
    The Dowager Countess has excellent counsel for "you," meaning me.
  19. Two
    Two pillows too tiny to use that look cute in my childhood Easter basket instead. (Heavily edited with Prisma app!)
  20. Entertainment
    Can. Not. Wait. My niece and I (who are two good girls from Carolina 😉) are seriously looking forward to this!
  21. Alone
    I get left alone upstairs several times a day at work, while the other girls go downstairs to smoke. 🤢🚭
  22. Nails
    I don't have 'em, by choice. I spend most of the day on the computer and it creeps me out when my nails get long enough to touch the keys before my fingers do. Weird, I know.
  23. Jump
    My nephew, oops, I mean SUPERMAN, in mid-flight
  24. Mirror
    Here's a slice o'life for y'all. My spotty mirror, junky sink and Max drinking water. And me!
  25. Out My Window
    This is the view from my office. A cemetery. Depressing, but at least I'll be the first to know about a zombie uprising, right? 😂
  26. Transportation
    I took a pic of a scary storm that rolled through yesterday, and it just so happens that my TRANSPORTATION was in the pic too! 😜
  27. A is for...
    APPLE! I miss the old rainbow logo that Apple used to use before they got all sleek and modern and put "i" in front of everything.
  28. Pink
    I *think* this is a camellia. I *know* I took this at the park in March. 🌸😊
  29. Drink
    Really wishing I was back on the balcony of that cruise ship, Bahama Mama in hand, enjoying the Caribbean breezes and ocean view. 😩
  30. Temperature
    Yeah, it's hot but it could be much worse!
  31. Corner
    Things are laid-back here in my town! 🥃😎🤘🏻