Very thought-provoking! These are gonna range all over the board. Fair warning!
  1. Preacher's Kid
    I am way more than just my dad's daughter, and I resent being lumped in with him, held to higher standards, and treated as though my faith is his faith. If anything, I am who I am IN SPITE of him.
  2. "Family Friendly"
    This is the local Christian radio station's slogan. I despise it. It marginalizes singles and completely erases the Christian aspect. Way to hide your witness, guys!
  3. Right Wing Conservative
    I used to identify as this, but it's gone sooooo far off the rails in recent years that it's an embarrassment. The hatred for "other" is way more out in the open now, and I'm ashamed at how they behave.
  4. Fat-free
    Such a lie. They take out the fat and plump it up with sugar to make up for the lack of flavor/texture. It's worse than junk food.
  5. Sugar-free
    What does it have instead? Splenda or Stevia that still tastes good? Or some kind of sugar alcohol that's going to send me running to the bathroom?
  6. Women's or Plus Size
    Why are women so segregated? If stores carry larger sizes at all, they're much uglier and crammed off to one side. We just want cute clothes that fit, and that look like what the rest of y'all wear!!
  7. <whew> That felt good! 😄