Hey, Hotlanta listers?
  1. I just decided to go to a symposium Saturday in Atlanta. It's this one, for PCOS:
  2. I booked a room at Hotel Indigo.
    Anybody know anything about it? It has good reviews, reasonably priced for its location. Will I get bedbugs and/or murdered?
  3. The symposium is all day Saturday but if anyone has any good food recommendations for Friday or Saturday evening, feel free to share.
    Or maybe someone would like to have dinner? Or a spontaneous mini-meetup?
  4. I know it's last minute. I'm sorry. I just decided to go like an hour ago. 😬
  5. Also, is anybody else going to this? The symposium is only $45 and there are some freakin' awesome topics and experts lined up to address PCOS.