A true ghost story that involves vampires. Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. I used to work at a private school. Several of the students there were part of the Stoker family. As in "Dracula" Bram Stoker.
  2. One of the families asked if I'd like to be their regular house-sitter. Big fancy house, big screen tv, Internet, swimming pool? Hells yeah!
  3. They asked that I spend the night whenever I was working for them. I happily agreed, and soon they called for my first week-long stay.
  4. The first day went great. Played with their dogs, swam, surfed the net (this was late 90s), then got ready for bed.
  5. I suddenly felt weird. Like I was being watched, like I wasn't alone. Like there was something unsavory somewhere nearby.
  6. I did my best to ignore it, but couldn't. I started asking my brother to stay with me. He felt the darkness too. I had my mom over to swim. Even she felt it.
  7. The final straw came when my little nephew came to visit during my third time house sitting. As he and my brother walked up to the house, a ball suddenly rolled out from under the bushes, across their path.
  8. My brother jumped and said "What was that?!" My nephew, who was still learning to talk, looked at him like he was dumb and said "It was the boogeyman!"
  9. We don't joke about stuff like that in my family. To this day I don't know how a toddler could attribute anything to the boogeyman.
  10. From then on, I took care of the house as requested, but I never spent the night again, and made sure not to be there after dark. I kept house sitting for a couple of years, then we drifted apart.
  11. I never did find out what was there that gave me such creeped-out feelings. I always wondered if it had anything to do with their family's legacy of vampires and horror.