Inspired by @jennifergster
  1. Ok, as an 80s teenager, the mall was my happy place. Not for the usual reasons. I never got to hang out with my friends because there wasn't one in my town. Instead, I'd go with my grandma when I spent the weekend with her.
  2. Eastridge Mall, Gastonia NC
    This is what it looked like then.
  3. We'd start at Iveys, which became Dillard's.
  4. Then we'd go to B. Dalton bookstore.
  5. And the Record Bar
  6. And my favorite, Brooks Fashions
    Which I can't find proof of online, but was THE PLACE TO GO for cool clothes.
  7. Then we'd eat at Morrison's Cafeteria.
    We always got fried chicken, mac and cheese and fried okra.
  8. These trips meant EVERYTHING to me because we were poor and if it weren't for her I wouldn't have had new clothes and high school would have been much harder.
    I normally wore hand-me-downs from my bff's brothers and the old ladies in my church.
  9. It it weren't for her, I'd never feel loved and respected and pampered and WORTHY.
    I miss her still.
  10. When she was in the end stages of Alzheimer's, in the nursing home, I'd go visit her and she'd repeat the whole time "I remember when we'd go to Eastridge Mall and go shopping and get that good fried chicken at Morrisons. Do you remember that?"
    It's all she said over and over, but it comforted me deeply to know those precious memories were still in there somewhere.
  11. There will never be anything like going to the mall in that era.
    Thank you, Robin Sparkles for preserving that for eternity! 😉