Seeking information from Euro-listers!
  1. Lidl is coming!
  2. The first North American Lidl stores are opening next month.
  3. By some miracle, one is gonna be about five minutes from my office.
    We never get cool stuff in my area, so I'm stoked.
  4. Since this is totally new here, fill me in!
  5. What's good to get at Lidl?
  6. What isn't worth it?
  7. Tell me about it!
  8. I think their prices are fair and the way the store is set is inviting and appetizing. And it's always clean and well organized. Here in Denmark they have a large selection of bread, cold cuts, candy and cakes we can't normally buy here. I really recommend Lidl, it's a good supermarket.
    Suggested by @DanielaM
  9. I'm not sure what sorts of products they'll have in America, but regardless they have a nice baked good/ bread sort of bakery section. Also they they tend to be quite small stores so it's a small collection of products that are usually good quality for a good price. In Europe it's a discount store that's good for all the basics.
    Suggested by @MaiaLS