Remember those days, fellow Gen-Xers? Trying to make a playlist, find all the songs on tape AND tape them without running out of room on the tape? It was an art form.
  1. So while cleaning, I found these mixtape covers my first boyfriend made me.
    I tossed the tapes years ago since I had nothing to play them on, and they took up lots of space. Kept the covers for sentimental reasons.
  2. Jon was a master at making mixes and filling time on the tapes with little surprises. He was also a master at decorating the covers.
  3. I pulled these out so I could try to replicate the tapes as Spotify playlists.
    Took pics, then realized they'd make a great!
  4. Booty Activator #1
    Christmas 1990, freshman year of college. He wanted to pick songs that would, well, activate the listener's booty! Side 1 was dance music, side 2 contained my favorite songs at the time.
  5. Booty Activator #2
    Spring 1991, freshman year, about the time we started dating. More dance/electronic music.
  6. Booty Activator #3
    Later that year, before we broke up at the end of summer. 😔 Spoiler Alert: we're better as friends and are still close!
  7. Jamie's Alternative Mixer, Vol. 1
    The only volume, as it turns out! 1992
  8. What You Wanted, Finally
    I gave him a list of songs I wanted, and he was slow making it. Also 1992.
  9. Jamie's Birthday Flashback
    1995 - the last tape I got from him before he switched to CDs. It's all 80s music!
  10. I'm gonna hit Spotify and try to recreate these. If anybody wants a link, let me know!