Delicious, but puzzling.
  1. So the parents of a friend are in town from Poland. Every time they come they bring gobs of Eastern European candy to share.
    It's awesome. I fill my pockets every time because I LOVE trying foreign snacks.
  2. Here's one I just found in my purse and tried.
  3. Here's what's interesting to me:
  4. It's called CRABS.
  5. That is not a CRAB on the wrapper. It's a LOBSTER.
    Not to mention there's no seafood involved. Thankfully.
  6. It has a pink shell but no strawberry or cherry flavor. Just a candy shell.
    So yummy!
  7. The inside is cocoa/peanut flavor. Very good.
  8. It's was tasty! 10/10 would eat again.