Inspired by @DG and many others
  1. For starters, I was raised in the church, in the south, by a conservative family. "Feminine" meant I was supposed to behave, look pretty, study hard, find a nice boy and have a family that he would be the head of. It hasn't worked out that way for me. I'm forging a new path, in some ways.
    I've identified as a conservative republican for most of my life. These days, though? It's completely lost its traditional meaning thanks to Trump and his rabid followers. I'm independent now, til something better comes along.
    I don't wear much makeup now that I'm getting older. I fill in my brows and wear tinted lip balms. I need to wear sunscreen more often, so I should go back to my tinted moisturizer with SPF. It would make my skin look more even, but it also gets all over my phone screen. 🙄 I don't do my nails (too fussy) and I shave my legs/pits just enough to stay comfortable and/or wear dresses on Sunday.
  4. DRESS
    Now that I'm well into my 40s, I dress for comfort rather than to impress. (Unless there's someone to impress 😉) Stretch skinny jeans or leggings, flowy tops/cardigans, comfy shoes that are cute but still have arch support. No stilettos for me! And I only wear earrings, except for special occasions.
  5. WORK
    This is a big area of conflict. I want respect for what I do. I want fair pay. I want to help make decisions that affect me and my coworkers. It's slowly happening at my job, but my boss is a southern good ol' boy and is threatened when I'm better at something than he is. The past few weeks have been tough. (I know I need a better's hard to step out and stand up for myself, tho)
    I touched on this earlier this week in my "Tempers" list. I moved back home to help as my folks get older, but some old family issues are popping up again. I need to (again) put my own well-being first and stand up for myself. It's hard. So much of being feminine in my family has revolved around submission to men. Not anymore, for me.
  7. LOVE
    I want it, though I don't know how to achieve it. I'd like a partnership that's equal, that lets each of us contribute what we're good at and accept help with the things we're not good at and compromise with the things we don't like. I don't care about hot sex or partying and I can't have kids. I would be happy with a good man to grow old with, and to have fun with along the way.
  8. This feels like it was totally disjointed. Hope it made some sense. It was fun thinking through these things!