Since there are a few floating around, here's mine from a few years ago.
  1. I dreamed someone offered to set me up on a blind date...
    A date? Me? Sure that sounds fun!
  2. They offered to set me up with John Kerry.
    Him? Isn't he married?
  3. He's not my type, but I thought, why not?
    He's an interesting guy, high ranking politician, almost elected President. When else would I have the chance to bend his ear? (This was before he was Secretary of State.)
  4. I arrived at the restaurant and scanned the room for Mr. Kerry.
  5. To my great relief, it wasn't really John Kerry...
  6. It was actually Seth Meyers doing his John Kerry impression from SNL.
  7. Much more fun! 😍
    We had a lovely meal and conversation before I woke up!