I bought some tonight at the grocery store. First time in years, just as sweet as I remembered them. 😋
  1. When I was a kid, CHUPA CHUPS were my favorite candy.
  2. It all started when a nice fireman let my kindergarten class pick a flavor from their display after a firehouse tour.
  3. I loved them then, and got one whenever I could growing up.
  4. Fast forward 35 years or so, to a few weeks ago in Honduras.
  5. I saw a giant Chupa Chup in the duty-free shop and a wave of memories came flooding back.
    It had 15 regular suckers inside.
  6. I squealed a little and mentioned to the sweet Honduran teenage sales clerk that they had been my favorite as a kid.
  7. He replied, "Oh, so they've been around a long time?"
  8. I said, "Well, this was the 1970s, so I guess..."
  9. He interrupted, "WHOOOAAA, that's a LONG time ago!!"
  10. He did not make a sale that day.