Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. I was 19 when it happened.
  2. I was with my first "real" boyfriend.
  3. We'd been going out a few weeks, both shy, both figuring out what to do with each other since we were friends first.
  4. We had held hands, cuddled a bit, almost kissed a few times.
    He'd kissed my forehead and my nose (weirdo) but nothing mouth-related.
  5. Then we agreed to just go for it.
  6. It was sweet, tender, brief, tentative.
  7. Much like our relationship.
  8. We broke up a few months later because he couldn't figure out what he wanted.
    It was too much pressure, he said, figuring out how affectionate to be, how often to call, when to hold hands, etc.
  9. I agreed to go back to what it was like before.
    Just friends, even though my heart was broken, because all my depressed brain heard was that I wasn't worth the trouble.
  10. Somehow, we made it work and are still close friends, 25 years later.