Can your personality type change throughout your life? I'm confused.
  1. I first took the test in college. Classic INFJ.
  2. Over the years I retook it a few times. Always INFJ.
  3. Occasionally I'd test out as ISFJ, because my scores were close to even on the S-F scale.
  4. It's been awhile since I took it, but I got inspired by some lists to retest.
  5. ISTJ?!?!
    What? How? Let me read up on this...
  6. Still WAY Introverted, but more Observant than Intuitive.
    Still close to even, though.
  7. Thinking threw me for a loop. I've never gotten that.
  8. But I started thinking of what's changed in my life in recent years.
    I've taken on more duties in many areas. Church, family, work. I keep the church administrative work afloat. I'm the steady aunt, the dependable daughter, the sister who will handle things for her brothers. The employee who runs HR and the website and the catalogs and orders the post-it's.
  9. I do consider it my responsibility to keep things running smoothly, and I definitely get taken advantage of.
    It's just easier to do it myself than wait on someone else, or watch them do it wrong, or try to teach them how.
  10. BUT while I am those things, I resent it.
    I resent not having free time. I despise having to do things others could do, things they slide into me. I hate being the only one people run to when there's a problem. Who takes care of me?!
  11. So while I could very well be a textbook ISTJ, I'm not very happy about it.
  12. And thus is my dilemma. 😊