(Ask and ye shall receive, @wilmotwrites! I love sharing about this little fella!) I kept my nephew Friday night. He was full of joy as usual!
  1. This is from when we went to Chipotle recently.
    Cutest 3-year-old ever!
  2. NEW CAR
    This kid gets gifts everywhere he goes. (Cause really, who can resist that sweet face?) Last week there was an unclaimed toy in the lost & found at the grocery store, so one of the cashiers pulled it out to give to my nephew. Here's how he described it:
  3. "You like my new car? One of the workers at Fresh Market gave it to me for a surprise. I was kinda hoping it would be chocolate, but it was a car."
    His new obsession is making up superhero stories. Friday night's creation is my favorite: WATERMAN!!
  5. "Waterman has feathers in his hair and he wears goggles and gloves, and he can run on water and swim real fast!"
    I asked what else he wore.
  6. (Big grin) "He wears a purple dress even though he's a boy!!" And then he collapsed into giggles.
    Maybe Waterman is a transgender superhero?
  7. One last cute pic!