New craft alert!

Probably not NEW but I saw it for the first time and just don't get it: EMBROIDERED TOILET PAPER. (Feel free to jump in, @joannfabrics or @michaelsstores )
  1. This is the FB pic that alerted me to this unexplored art medium.
    It's apparently A Thing in some circles. I'm baffled.
  2. Of COURSE there's a cutesy animal face. 🙄
  3. Smells like daisies?
    Do daisies have a smell? 🤔
  4. Good grief. 😏
  5. So romantic! 💐💕
  6. Big what? 🐟? 💩?
  7. How is toilet paper an appropriate Father's Day gift?! Embroidered or not?
  8. Anybody else heard of this art form?