Or, "65-year-old knees in a 45-year-old body"
  1. So my right knee has been sore for a couple months.
    It happens. I do too much, one or both knees get irritated for awhile, they eventually calm down.
  2. Last week, though, my right knee hurt SO BAD I could barely walk on it.
    This was unusual, so I called the dr. He gave me anti inflammatories and pain pills and referred me to an orthopedist.
  3. The orthopedist did X-rays then gave me the news.
    (Not my knee, just an illustration)
  4. And I quote from the emailed report:
    "45yoF with right knee endstage osteoarthritis... She is incredibly young to present with this degree of OA. Radiographically, she is a candidate for a TKA. However, due to her age I would like to try conservative treatment for as long as possible." He said he did a double-take and checked my age because my knee looks like a senior citizen's. (Lovely!) He also said they've done total knee replacements for less than what I've got. It's that bad. 😳
  5. In plain English, my knee is fucked. And has been for awhile. And the other knee isn't far behind.
  6. I knew this was coming.
    My dad's side of the family has always had terrible joint problems. An uncle was totally disabled in his 30s, and my dad already had both knees replaced in his 60s.
  7. I thought I'd have time, that I'd get to prepare, that I'd still have years to enjoy before I get old and creaky.
    But I won't.
  8. I'm taking meds for now, alternating ice & heating pad, resting, trying to break old habits (jiggling my leg, curling up on the couch, crossing my legs and sticking them under my office chair).
    And I'm getting used to the thought that future plans will have to work around my knees. Hiking mountains in Costa Rica? Not anymore. Will I need to take breaks next time I go to IKEA? Can I walk blocks and blocks downtown like I always have or should I stop? What about picking up & carrying my 4yo nephew when he falls asleep on the couch?
  9. I will manage, I will figure out a new Normal, I will persevere as always.
    If the meds don't work I'll do injections. I may do therapy. Ultimately I'll need knee replacements. But I want to put that off long as I can. And I'm going to work on losing weight/exercise, even though that's difficult with PCOS.
  10. If anyone has ANY advice, please share in the comments! 🙏♥️💪
    Supplements, exercises, products, etc. especially.