1. I read lists from as many as I can.
  2. I learn from them.
  3. I don't usually comment if I have nothing concrete to add, and woc/poc don't need to hear how "brave" or "inspirational" or "educational" they are from yet another white person.
  4. But I do learn. I do value hearing from another perspective I've never experienced. And I want that viewpoint to be heard/seen by others and have a greater influence here.
  5. So I ♥️.
  6. And I 🔁.
  7. In hopes that it reaches other listers, trends, gets featured, gets noticed by HQ, spurs further conversation.
  8. Is there anything else I should be doing? I don't want to be fake, or useless, or oppressive, or whatever.
  9. Any advice? I'm open!