Between the two employees working on my car. Dude 1 was talking. Dude 2 was listening and grunting approval.
  1. "I'll come over later but I gotta see how the wife and kids are first"
    Me, to myself: 😊Well, that's noble.
  2. "Apparently Liam kicked some kid in the face at school today, so I gotta sit him down for a talk. Pretty sure it was an accident but I need to make sure."
    Me: 😳Yeah, get to the bottom of that...definitely.
  3. "They said he spit on a different kid in the bathroom too. I don't believe it for a second. Liam would never do that."
    Me: 😕Liam's having a rough day...
  4. "Noah's the one that would spit on some other kid. Never Liam."
    Me: 😱Good lord, man, what kind of hooligans are you raising?!
  5. (The end)