Requested by @gd3
Reaching WAY back in time for this..
  1. Carol Seaver from Growing Pains.
  2. I was a super-brainy nerd like her in my younger teens.
    Glasses, bookworm, not many friends.
  3. Slowly I started to grow up.
    Lost the glasses, grew out the mullet.
  4. Eventually a young woman emerged.
    Makeup, smiles, friends.
  5. The parallel ends there. But then again, so did the show, not long after that.
  6. It helped tremendously for my shy, dorky awkward self to have a character to connect to.
    Especially when she and Bobby got to know each other, because I was terrified around boys.
  7. I don't know where Carol Seaver would be today, but I imagine her as capable, confident and together.
    On the cheesy reunion movies, she was a lawyer. Not me at all, but made sense for her character.
  8. Thanks for the request!