My teenage work history was kinda boring. Just babysitting! My parents wouldn't let me work on Sunday so that ruled out most "normal" jobs. Our town was too small for a Chick-Fil-A or Hobby Lobby!
  1. 1st Paying Babysitter Job, 1986
    A 10-month-old boy. His parents liked to go out after he went to bed. All I had to do was listen out for him til they got back. It went well til he woke up one night crying and a girl he'd never seen before came in to comfort him (instead of momma). I will never forget the look of terror on his face as he screamed and backed into the corner of his crib. 😔
  2. 2nd Paying Babysitter Job, 1986
    More of a nanny job, I guess. I was 15 and stayed with a bratty 11-year-old while her mom worked, for the whole summer. My dad arranged this and he'd rather make others happy than take care his own family, so I got paid like $20 a week. For full-time hours. 😠 At least I got to swim everyday, enjoy central A/C and watch MTV for the first time ever. I did get a small raise at some point because the mom felt guilty for essentially running a sweatshop!
  3. 3rd Paying Babysitter Job, 1988
    My dad's arrangement again. He graciously offered my services to babysit a hyper 6-year-old every day over Spring Break. When it was over, he wouldn't take money from the boy's dad, so I got nothing. 😠 It technically wasn't a paid job, I guess.
  4. 4th Paying Babysitter Job, 1990
    I shared this summer job with a friend. I'd work mornings, she'd work afternoons. We kept an 8yo boy and his 4yo sister and also had to clean the apartment for their single dad. Good money, though. (I arranged this one myself! 😄)
  5. 5th Paying Babysitter Job, 1990-1991
    I kept four girls part-time for two summers. Two elementary aged, and their twin toddler sisters. It was fun, and I got to go to the beach with them for a week, too. I arranged this job, too, so I was properly paid! 😊