Inspired by @k8mcgarry This was so fun! I took the simplest route of just hitting the center predictive word repeatedly, then making sentences. I used some of K8's prompts to start off.
  1. Roses are redeemed by a beautiful Christmas tree.
    I hit the predictive word too early and botched the first line, but I really like that sentence!
  2. Roses are red roses. Roses for the family and the Christmas tree are the same thing to us all day, for the family dinner, Saturday morning, with my kitties.
    Roses, dinner, kitties. Got it!
  3. She knows what she means. She is the best aunt and aunt I love, that I have to read the family dinner with the best family, and I love my kitties.
    Again with the kitties!
  4. She said yes to her family dinner with her and sisters. She was just the best aunt and I love the way you love me too. You are so sweet to you. Love you. So beautiful, I hope. I loved you and yours and you thank her. So very proud.
    "So beautiful, I hope." Just inspirational, isn't it?
  5. I think it's okay. I just got a Christmas present and Christmas tree up for the family. I love this Christmas movie so I don't know if it's a Christmas movie. I'm sorry you're the one, I want you. So sorry for the family dinner and Christmas dinner and I'm staying up tonight and I'll pray to god that I love it all the way you love me.
    This one took a poignant turn. 😢