Need to clear out a section of my brain, if y'all don't mind.
  1. Is List App being ornery for anyone else?
    Couldn't comment on @dad3 's poll at all, then the comment box disappeared.
  2. GIFs are awesome but they are really slow to load.
  3. I am frustrated by a former co worker and can't vent here so...
    You're getting paid for your vacation days. Why are you complaining about when the check comes and whether or not it's a paper check/direct deposit? It's free money. For you. Be grateful for it and shut the hell up. 😡
  4. We had snow flurries today. Totally un-forecasted, so totally a surprise.
    I grinned and squealed like a kid. No shame. ❄️👍🏻
  5. I bought a new desk last night. I get to take it out of the box and assemble it tonight. I CAN'T WAIT!
    Closest I'll get to being a carpenter and I love working with my hands. 💪🏻🔨🛠🔩🔧