(Forgive me, Seth and Amy. I have to get this off my chest and can't respond to this text the normal way, so I'm gonna borrow your format.)
  1. Text in question:
  2. REALLY!?
    Target can sign bills now? AND pass laws? You don't say!
  3. REALLY!?
    I think I'll shop there more often if they're that powerful. I don't care who's in the bathroom because if they're in a women's room, they'll be in a STALL. Unless you're going to strip and grope everyone that goes in there, how will you know what genitalia they have? And why do you care?!
    Check your facts before you go spouting off and texting hissy-fits to all your Christian friends. This kind of hysteria does not help your cause one bit. "Target" can not and did not pass any legislation. They issued a company statement. That's all.
  5. Boycott all you want, just get your facts straight first.
    More Target stuff for me!