Come with me as I investigate...
  1. Fact 1
    When I got home this afternoon, there was a female cardinal flying around my living room, freaked out. I got her to fly out the door. She seemed to be fine, just shaken up. (This is from Google, but she's just as beautiful!)
  2. Fact 2
    This little shit was nowhere to be found. He's brought two other birdies indoors in recent weeks. I know it was him. Dang it, Romeo!
  3. Fact 3
    This is what my bathroom usually looks like.
  4. Fact 4
    This is what it looked like today.
  5. WHAT...
  6. THE HELL...
  7. HAPPENED?!?!?
  8. Any theories?
  9. Update: HE JUST DID IT AGAIN!
    She's fine. I got her outside and she's good to go. What the hell is with Romeo and his cardinal fetish?!🙄
  10. Update 2:
    I've decided to name her Juliet, for obvious reasons. 😍