Scripture Meme Creations

I read the Bible on my phone, using the free YouVersion Bible app. There's a feature that lets you create your own images, and it's kinda addictive. Here are some I've made of favorite verses I've come across:
  1. He = Jesus
  2. So good I had to highlight just this verse.
    It means a lot to me since surgery, cause I get preoccupied with diet and weight loss. This is a good reminder of what really matters!
  3. Casting care
    The second part of this gets overquoted. It's actually part of a longer sentence!
  4. For those anxious moments...
  5. Amen?
  6. Cause me...
    I like this one because it reminds me that it's not always up to us to have faith. God gives it to us. It comes from Him, ultimately.
  7. I made this one from scratch.
    My favorite tree in the neighborhood in full blaze, right before Thanksgiving.
  8. I made this one from scratch, too.
    This is my brother's church. We came out of the Christmas Eve service at sunset, right as that natal star came out, so I snapped a pic. The verse is from "Angels From the Realms of Glory."