One of my "resolutions" to get more disciplined about learning scripture this year. Here's an interesting idea I found & wanted to share!
  1. I want to learn more pure scripture. I want to read more of the actual Bible, not just "inspirational" memes or fluffy quotes.
    Nothing wrong with quotes or memes or reading certain pastors or writers, I just want to get more familiar with the original source material! 😊
  2. There's a blogger I follow, Christy Jordan. Great recipes, fun conversation and she's a strong Christian who loves to encourage others.
  3. She's been sharing Scripture writing plans since last year. The idea is you copy passages out of the Bible, and it helps you interact with it, absorb it, learn it easier than just by reading.
    The plans are created by Shannon at
  4. Here's January 2017:
  5. Here's a special "Courage" themed plan if you'd rather do that:
  6. I'm going to try this. I want to be more disciplined in my habits, I want to read more of the Bible, so this is right up my alley.
  7. I wanted to share in case other listers of faith would like to try.