I had the sweetest Santa ever. Thanks from the bottom of my heart, @laurab for such beautiful gifts!
  1. First was this thoughtful note:
  2. She sent delicious mac & cheese since she doesn't bake much! Brilliant!
  3. She sent an awesome "Don't mess with TX" magnet from Austin. (To answer your question, never been there. Other places in TX, just not Austin).
  4. She sent a coloring book I can't wait to try and a huge pack of new markers. I love Lisa Congdon's work and had no idea she had coloring books!
  5. The final part is so perfect that I can't believe it happened. She made exquisite portraits of my cats from cross-stitch. They are especially touching to me because cross-stitch is something my grandmother and I enjoyed together. I miss her so much this time of year, and LOVE the portraits!
  6. Thanks again @laurab - now I'm off to follow you! (And thanks be unto @ChrisK for facilitating these moments of holiday magic!)