I've limited it to the places I've lived here in my current town, to save space. Cause we moved A LOT before settling here.
  1. Hayne Avenue
    Tiny little 1BR/1BA kitchenette cottage. It was my first time living in my own and I was deeply depressed, though I wouldn't admit it. Very lonely, no good memories here. Only lasted 6 months.
  2. Summerhill Avenue
    The first "house" I bought. It was a single wide trailer on leased land, but it was mine. I had a great master suite on one end and room for roommates on the other. My brother lived here off and on, too. Lots of fun, but also had two robberies, two burst pipes and a chlorine leak in the neighborhood. Lived here 8 years.
  3. Riverbirch Drive
    Apartment I shared with my baby brother after my parents moved out of town. I lived there a year, and have good memories.
  4. Westmont Drive
    My first real house. Great neighborhood, cute older home, many fun memories. The first property that was truly MINE (and the bank's). I moved out this summer but still own it and rent to friends.
  5. East Boundary Avenue
    Our first home in this town. We lived there 9 years, then my parents moved away and we rented it out. Now my brother and his kids own it and live there and my niece has my old bedroom!
  6. Evans Road
    Current residence. My parents moved back to town after retirement and it's going well. I live downstairs in the basement apt with 3 cats, they live upstairs with 3 dogs. Home sweet home!