I've been cleaning out some old files. I found a stash of magazine articles I clipped and kept for nearly 10 years. Here's some of what I found:
  1. Outdated computer advice
    Word has changed a LOT since 2006. Pretty sure I can toss this.
  2. Exercises and diet plans.
    😂 Wishful thinking.
  3. Recipes. So many recipes.
  4. A coupon that expired in 2008.
  5. Blank NYT crosswords.
    Wonder if the tip line still works? It's a 1-900 number. Are those still around?
  6. Blank sudokus.
  7. A picture @letitia1hope drew many years ago.
    D'awww 😍
  8. And this last article, which broke my heart into a million pieces.
    I had to have a hysterectomy several years after I clipped this, and forgot I had even saved it. Never even had a chance to try. 💔