Stuff My Siri Says

I use the British male voice for Siri (shut up, I like British men, ok?). It usually works well, but there are a few American things he has a "unique" pronunciation for.
  1. Bar-B-Q
    He says "bar-BEEK." It's adorable.
  2. Boulevard
    He says "BOO-la-vard." A little weird, but maybe that's the European way.
  3. Papa John's
    He says "pa-PA Johns." 😂I had just watched Downton Abbey so this was extra-hilarious. Like he was a long-lost Crowley cousin or something.
  4. Fairfax
    I heard this one when driving through Fairfax, SC last weekend. My aunt and I both swear he said "FAIR-fucks." Honest. He said it several times. It was amazing!