If you look back in my profile, you'll find earlier updates. Here's where I am now.
  1. 47 lbs. down
  2. 31 inches off, mainly around my waist/hips, which is important health-wise.
  3. My BMI is down to 35, which means...
  4. I'm very close to being just "obese."
  5. Here's a before/after in the same dress, a few years apart.
  6. I don't snore anymore, I have more stamina, I can breathe much better.
    I attribute this more to the extra room my lungs have from the hernia repair, rather than the weight loss. Losing abdominal fat probably helped, too.
  7. My arthritis is better, too.
    Still there, but not acute, and I don't take meds. I can handle a little stiffness when it rains, compared to the pain I was in pre-op.
  8. Summary
    The weight loss is nice, tho it's not the main reason I did it. It's kinda fun being able to wear different clothes and try new things fashion-wise. I'm on the verge of not being plus-sized and it's WEIRD. I've been plus since PCOS caused massive weight gain in college. I don't know what it's like being a non-fat adult, so I'm currently trying to wrap my brain around that. 🤔