I've seen some stupid stuff on FB this political season but this is one of the dumbest.
  1. ❓❗️❓❗️❓
  2. I thought this has to be satire, right? Then I saw the comments.
    (I did some crappy Photoshop to protect identities, btw)
  3. "He didn't do it for fame."
    You sure about that??
  4. "He is not power hungry."
  5. "He gave his life for all of Americans"
    Still alive last time I checked!
  6. "Our country means more to him than the money"
  7. I feel weird posting this, because it seems like I'm just making fun. I'm not. Im actually very bothered by it. These are my friends. My family.
  8. I honestly feel like we're in an alternate universe sometimes. Or at least the "The Emperor's New Clothes" universe.
    How can this many people be this blind? It's worship here, not just admiration. They truly believe this charlatan.
  9. Lord, please open some eyes in the next 12 days. 😔