Or, yet another thing my asshole dad (allegedly) broke in a fit of rage.
  1. So last night he borrowed my keys to move my car in the driveway. I offered to do it, he said "No, no, I got it."
    I parked behind the car he wanted to drive. (Like I was supposed to know.)
  2. He goes outside and comes back in a few minutes later. He's got the emergency key pulled out of the key fob.
    "How do you start your car?!" Mind you, he had a Prius just like mine a few years ago. I tell him again that you slide the fob into the slot (that's what she said) and push start.
  3. He goes back outside and a few minutes later the alarm starts sounding. It goes on and on and on. I start outside but hear the alarm stop.
    He hands me back the keys without a word.
  4. This morning, the key fob doesn't work. At all. I call the dealer to get it checked.
  5. Then I notice this:
  6. I'm guessing he got frustrated and jabbed it repeatedly. Who knows. All I know is the circuit board is busted and he's paying for my new key fob, to the tune of $250.
  7. He's had a temper my whole life. I've either been completely ignored by him, or been snapped at and blamed for everything by him my whole life. I thought it would be easier now that he's medicated and older. And that I could handle him better now that I'M medicated and older.
    (That sounds so sad, I know).
  8. But for the past year, after seeing him STILL act like a child if he doesn't get his way, and having my doormat mother completely put him over everything and everyone else (as she makes excuses for his childish behavior) - I'm not sure moving back home was the best decision.
  9. This is long and more of a vent than anything, but I may list about my feelings in more detail in the future. Cause I've been realizing more and more how this emotional abuse has affected my view of men and relationships, and left me in fear. 😢
  10. Thanks for listening. 💗