Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. Sense of humor
    There's something to laugh at or smile about in nearly everything.
  2. Intelligence
    I love learning new things, escaping, imagining. You should enjoy reading and learning your whole life, not just in school.
  3. Faith
    I'm a Christian, churchgoer, pray-er, etc. it would be awesome to share that with someone.
  4. Compassion
    Have love and concern for others.
  5. Family
    I'm close to mine and that's not changing. I look forward to expanding my family with new siblings, in laws, etc.
  6. Pets
    I love animals. I can't imagine being with someone who doesn't. Unless they're allergic or something.
  7. Looks
    Insides matter way more than outsides!
  8. Entertainment
    I won't make fun of yours if you don't make fun of mine. I might even like whatever you're into. Let's share!
  9. Activities
    Outside is pretty and all, but I'll never be a hunting/fishing/camping girl. Or a sporty girl. Sorry!
  10. Love
    I'm shy in a lot of ways, inexperienced in others. Be patient and affectionate with me and let's see what happens!