Ahahaha! I was wondering if anyone noticed that! Ok, here goes, @pili_ervin! (It's a long one, sorry)
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    First, some background:
    I came of age in the 1980s, in a preacher's family, the oldest, the only daughter. They were SUPER-protective of us, especially in terms of entertainment. No secular music, no movies or TV shows with profanity/sex.
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    We moved to a larger town right before my senior year and I made cool new non-church friends. Friends who listened to popular music and stuff like that.
    They even smoked cigarettes and drank alcohol and watched R-rated movies. (😱The horror!)
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    One of our favorite things to do was ride around listening to music, especially the B-52s.
    "Wig" came up in a list recently and brought back great memories. 😌
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    Summer 1990, a few weeks after graduation, The B-52s went on tour and came to Atlanta.
    We had to go! How could we not? We had jobs, cars, money for tickets. Game on!
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    I told my parents. They said no.
    I asked again, laid out my case carefully, told them how safe it was. Still no.
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    I went anyway. My mom and I had a showdown in the driveway. She latched onto the seatbelt of the van and refused to let go.
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    My friends literally pulled me away from her grip and we hit the road.
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    The show ROCKED. Ziggy Marley opened for them.
    I bought this t-shirt. Still have it!
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    When I got home at 3am there was a suitcase sitting on the table with my things in it.
    My brother said Dad had intended to throw me out (!) then changed his mind at midnight.
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    I went back to my room and it was TRASHED.
    Clothes and tapes and magazines thrown everywhere, cassette tapes broken in half and the tape strung all over, everything overturned. My dad had done this after I left.
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    My mom, after we left, had called the cops and tried to report me as kidnapped.
    When the cops found out I was 18 and left with friends on my own accord they LAUGHED at my mom and hung up
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    The next morning at 7am my dad got me out of bed, told me how much I'd disappointed them, and told me I was unworthy to receive communion anymore.
    Yes, really. He also told me I couldn't see my friends anymore. (May I remind y'all I was eighteen, not five.πŸ™„)
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    Eventually things calmed back down and relationships normalized between us and we're all super-close now.
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    So there you have it...the story of the evil rock concert and the hysterical parents!