Inspired by @Boogie and @k8zinker
  1. Background: I grew up a straight-laced preacher's kid in a small town. Anything "bad" I did would've gotten back to my dad at lightning speed, so I was good all through high school.
  2. In college, the peer pressure cranked up, and I broke down and decided to drink some. My friends were dying to see Drunk Jamie, so they plied me with wine coolers.
  3. Nothing happened. The first alcohol to pass my lips was like SEVEN wine coolers. I didn't feel a thing.
    Crazy weird tolerance, I guess? I still don't get tipsy easily.
  4. We had a motel party later that semester, and stepped up the game. I learned quickly that I hate the taste of Rum, but Vodka and Diet Coke? Smoooth.
  5. That did the trick. I got hammered. Room spinning, no ability to follow conversation, everything was hilarious, couldn't focus my eyes. I was finally officially drunk!
  6. And I hated it. That was the first and last time I got blind drunk.
  7. To this day, I don't drink often, and only one or two drinks at most, just to relax.
  8. I don't enjoy losing control and my inhibitions, saying stupid stuff, acting like a fool. (Plus it's expensive. 😂)
  9. That's just me, though. You do you! As long as you're safe with a DD and someone to keep you from fights or unwanted hookups, go for it! 🍻